De Mello Institute works for the personal transformation of people in systems such as companies and organizations.

  • To create happy, productive, successful workplaces where people thrive.
  • Through psychological interventions and by bringing Awareness / Mindfulness into their daily lives.
  • Delivered through personal awareness coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.
  • Organisations and businesses who are interested in promoting the well being and happiness of their teams and employees as their surest way to success and effectiveness in business are our primary customers.

What we are offering you:

  • We help you to change your organization by starting with yourself.
  • Performance effectiveness.
  • We believe that a business or organisation is as good as the people in it and it is as successful as its leadership.
  • Therefore, we adopt an inside out approach, and Embodiment as a necessary part of the change process.


  • Transformation of leaders into effective agents of radical changes in organizations, who know how to lead themselves, by embodying changes.
  • Leaders who value themselves and their roles, and bring out the best in them to meet the best in others.
  • Create teams of successful, happy, committed people who feel valued, respected and trusted, and who can give their best.

Awareness Coaching

Bird Reflection

There is a growing realization among Business Executives and leaders that their success and effectiveness depend not merely on their business acumen and strategies but primarily on who they are. There is an increasing appreciation of the fact that a business or organisation is as good as its leader.

  • Self-Awareness is key to building business acumen
  • Develop Executive Presence
  • Become the effective leader who inspires
  • Ability to listen to others’ point of view
  • How to be calm in the midst of panic all around
  • Become a trusted advisor among your peers
  • Appropriate patterns of embodiment as fastest and reliable way to change

Achieve it all by availing of our 1:1 a transforming Awareness coaching session for Business Executives.

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Compassionate Workplaces

The compassionate workplace is a highly innovative and transformative approach to work and life which in turn helps us to resolve workplace challenges and increase productivity.

  • It aims at transforming our workplaces into happy, harmonious spaces that value dignity, wellbeing, psychological safety, establishing connections, nurturance and support.
  • In workplaces, compassion may be expressed in the form of kindness, civility, understanding and support
  • Adopted by major international businesses
  • Leading business schools like Stanford Business School have included it in their curriculum for the training of business leaders.

How Compassion in Workplaces Helps

Numerous Outcome Studies have consistently shown –

  • Vast improvements in business when compassion becomes a pervasive value in the culture of workplaces.
  • Results in the experience of a sense of belonging, loyalty, commitment, efficiency and productivity.
  • When people feel valued, trusted, supported, appreciated, brings out the best in people. And they give their best.
  • Reduced stress levels, absenteeism, reduced legal costs and greater employee retention.
  • Responding compassionately to employees not only improves their performance and loyalty, but also creates an atmosphere that is safe for learning, collaboration, and innovation – which all impact the bottom line.
Transforming Workplaces by Cultivating Compassion

In order to move from concept to practice, a necessary transformation of workplaces is sought to be achieved through modules such as the following offered in workshop format supplemented by optional Awareness Coaching sessions:

This module aims at helping teams and leaders to connect with purpose, values, and meaning in the workplace, putting compassion at the heart of everything that is done. Operationalising compassion in the workplace involves making systemic changes to ensure that compassion is a core value that pervades the culture and atmosphere of the workplace. It will therefore include systems for participation/involvement, feedback and evaluation.

Leaders who use their leadership skills with compassion show it in their awareness of others and their needs, moving from me to we, and an attitude of wishing the best for others, and the courage to take actions that follow from it.

We will focus on creating a culture and environment, where compassion is the key value of the organization and ensure changes at the systemic level that makes it flourish. A key purpose is finding ways to be sensitive to the needs of their community which includes the teams, mangers, and employees.

Being embodied beings, we experience life and express ourselves in and through our bodies. Using our bodies to bring about changes in ourselves is more reliable and lasting. Changes are real if they are experienced and observed in our bodies.

Since our body is our presence, being a leader or executive shows in the body. We will use the tools of self-awareness to take the next step in bringing about effective changes through embodied presence and communication. We will work on our patterns of embodiment and use ways of bringing about changes that are quick and lasting.

Workplace relationships can make or mar businesses offering potential for great satisfaction and fulfilment as well as possibilities of high stress and burnout. This module will offer a basic understanding of the significance of workplace relationships and the need for instilling and maintaining a style of relationship that is friendly, accepting, and nurturing that is conducive to productivity.

This will include the awareness of workplace dynamics, workplace games and dramas, conflicts at work, and our styles of relationships. An understanding, accepting attitude promotes cohesion, harmony, reduced stress levels, greater efficiency and productivity. Most productive organizations have cooperative, supportive, cohesive, participative environments demonstrating beyond doubt that happy people produce best results.

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Crocuses Covered In Snow
The Stress of Working from Home
Home Work Stress

The pandemic has made it necessary for vast numbers of people worldwide to work from home.

This has also brought with it many problems for employees. Though at first it was a welcome change, the stress levels of remote working have been intolerably high for large sections of people.

It is necessary for employees as well as employers to pay attention to these factors and remedy them so that the mental health, physical wellbeing, efficiency, and productivity of employees as well as the health of the businesses receive due attention and remedial steps are adopted.

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Let Our Clients Speak for Us
"Francis ensured he understood our requirements and then delivered a session that delivered the results I wanted. He is thoughtful, easy-going and disarming - exactly the right formula for the sort of service he delivers."

Bob Semple
Board Trustee at CIMMYT | Board Chairman at Suas | Non Executive Director at GS1
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Let Our Clients Speak for Us
"Interpersonal conflict is a destroyer of teamwork. Great organisations are places where ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Francis is a unique professional in his field who brings his unique expertise in philosophy, psychology that merges ancient and modern thinking and achieves changes with individuals that one would not think possible. Whether it be as a guest speaker or working with high performance teams Francis is one of the best.”

PJ Timmins
MD TAB Ireland | Business & Leadership Strategic Growth Specialist | Governance | Angel Investor
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Let Our Clients Speak for Us
"Francis is a man with a warm heart coupled with great strength of character, clearly born out of a life spent in service to others. His grounding in spirituality and awareness gives added depth to his clinical psychology practice..which you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere…I highly recommend his work as a psychotherapist, workshop facilitator and author."

David Maddy
Talent4IT Tech Talent Management & Executive Search
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Let Our Clients Speak for Us
"I first meet Francis in 2006 and was quickly impressed by his candor and ability to cut through the veils of life. His insights have always caused me to pause and rethink the issues. The conclusion may or may not be the same as before, but reached with additional rigour of thought and with more intentionality. Brilliant mind, completely honest in thoughts and deeds."

Henry Sienkiewicz
Technology Theorist | Strategic Adviser | Author
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Let Our Clients Speak for Us
"Francis is a wonderfully gentle and amiable man with a great warmth of character that is totally in keeping with his work and his contribution to other people. If you are looking for insights of a deep, personal and meaningful nature then Francis is an excellent facilitator of same."

Sean Weafer
Helping Experts and Professionals Become High Trust Influencers, Advisors and Leaders
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