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Maha Ji Yoga Meditation

A Zoom Healing Experience You Don’t Want to Miss!

Maha Ji Global Healing Meditation

Maha Ji Global Healing Meditation helps us to put our lives back together by effectively dealing with and overcoming the effects of COVID-19 and stepping into the future supporting each other.

Join our FREE Zoom Maha Ji Yoga Meditation every Thursday at 8.45pm GMT+1

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To find out more, visit www.mahajiyogameditation.com

Mindfulness Meditations

We will offer weekly mindfulness meditation sessions on different themes to help you experience healing and inner freedom. The meditation will be preceded by a short introduction to the theme of the day followed by a guided meditation.

Stilling the Restless Mind

Most of us find it difficult to be still for any length of time. The mind is often unquiet, restless and even agitated and our efforts at meditation and daily life activities are foiled by its wanderings. Mindfulness offers some helpful ways to tame the mind so that we minimize its interference in our intentions and actions. The reflections and meditations of today will explore some of them.

Date & Time:

Dr. Francis Valloor
Wednesday, 8.30-9.00pm
€10 by PayPal and a Zoom link will be sent to you.

Facilitator:  Dr. Francis Valloor
Date & Time:  Wednesday, 8.30-9.00pm
Donation:  €10 by PayPal and a Zoom link will be sent to you.

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