Inspirational Stories

A selection of weekly inspirational stories on Awareness and Mindfulness, taken from the book series of Dr.Francis Valloor.

Every week for 32 weeks you will receive access to regular short, inspirational mindfulness stories that take a minute to read but will inspire you for days to come. A powerful way to learn mindfulness and to bring it into daily life and bring about profound changes.

When The Eye Is Unobstructed

Play The Ball Where The Monkey Leaves It

Walking With Turtles

Seeing Your Face Without A Mirror

Inspirational Videos

We bring you a number of videos and podcasts from Anthony de Mello, Dr. Francis Valloor and others that viewers have enjoyed and gratefully appreciated. There are also a few podcasts, meditations and others are interviews for listening and learning.

In this excerpt from a daylong live retreat on Satellite TV, de Mello introduces the real meaning of awareness, waking up, being present in life and finding happiness which we all long for.

Our ideas of love are tainted by our own inner states and levels of maturity. Anthony de Mello speaks of in a wholly different way that is inspiring and challenging.

Listen to this segment where Anthony talks about what love is not in order to point to what love is, what happiness is not in order to show what it is.

Commencement Ceremony, School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA.

In this Keynote Speech at the graduation of the new Doctors of Psychology, Francis presents groundbreaking and challenging ideas on psychology, mindfulness and awareness. He says neither psychology nor mindfulness will help us change unless it is completed by heartfulness.

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